The Fair Oaks Ecohousing Community is on its way in Sacramento

2015-07-11 11.28.10 Marty Maskall

2015-07-11 12.32.56 Cafe in town

We met at the local cafe in the old part of what was once the Fair Oaks township and is now an outer suburb of Sacramento.

2015-07-11 11.30.36 HDRIt was fabulous to catch up with Fair Oaks Founder, Marty Maskall, at her site tour.

Last seen back in Durham, North Carolina at the Cohousing US conference, where we’d bonded over the Founders  Meeting, there were big hugs and smiles all round.

Fair Oaks Community is gathering momentum.
They expect to move in early in 2017. A new community is on its way! YAHOO!!

Located eighteen miles (about thirty kilometers) from downtown Sacramento, they have plans approved for thirty homes. Yet another Chuck Durrett design of two and three bedders in a two storey configuration. Some households have a single level, most have an upstairs and downstairs (see below right).

The Fair Oaks Ecohousing website has some great info in it. Some snippets included here.

On the left is the centerpiece of the community.  A 3800 square foot (353 square meters) two-story Club House, with a sitting area, a large kitchen, and dining/meeting area, kids’ play room, laundry facilities, storage, two guest bedrooms, and two multi-purpose rooms.  Common facilities also include a pool, spa, workshop, and gardens.

At the moment it looks like a wonderful piece of undulating land with some gorgeous trees and heaps of potential. It fires the imagination.

2015-07-11 11.56.14 William welsh HDROne of the visitors on the site tour today was William Welsh, himself an interesting character who has the establishment of one of the earliest intentional communities in California as his claim to fame. He described himself as a founder and an ‘ender’ and talked about how sometimes things come to a natural conclusion which in no ways can be termed a failure. Au contraire. Many purposes are achieved along the way and more is going on than meets the eye. Bill has obviously delved in to the back story of the phenomena around the emergence of community. He talked (all too briefly) about Field Theory in the sociological sense and how change comes about and how strange attractors occur and how the strongest attractors create the greatest cohesion.

With a walk of only two or three blocks through to the America River, musicians playing in the local park, an obvious community spirit with outdoor facilities for entertainment and a great community feel to the mainstreet, the local village and surrounds of Fair Oaks seems like a perfect place for an ecohousing cohousing community.

It’s already been a long haul for Marty with the global financial crisis in 2009 knocking them from a group of thirty down to two – a huge set-back at the time. But perseverance, determination and creativity prevailed and the founders kept on going. Bravo. Hats off to you!!

The Vision of Cohousing is a powerful and compelling one. Great work guys! May your experience inspire others to have a go too. When the possibility is created the people soon arrive.

Wishing the budding Fair Oaks mob all the best in their initiative.
Looking forward to seeing it take shape 🙂

About Giselle Wilkinson - 4allsentientbeings

Environmental conservation, community and cooperatives have been enduring threads in my life. Promoting sustainable lifestyles and more lately, focussing on restoring a Safe Climate, is work expressed predominantly through organisations such as The Sustainable Living Foundation (which I co-founded in 1999 - current President) and the others listed as links below. I am some way into a professional doctorate with MIECAT on "Mobilising Whole Communities to Restore a Sustainable Environment" and have in recent years moved into MURUNDAKA – a (more) sustainable, (more) affordable co-housing community / housing cooperative in Heidelberg, Melbourne (for which I gave up my co-op house of 19 years including veggie garden and small orchard) and it's great. I'm also a mum of two grown up daughters and have five step children.
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